15 Warning Signs To Watch For When Considering Potential Life Partners

It is just so hard to find Mr. or Miss Right these days (I blame the government and some artisanal cheese purveyors).

With our busy schedules, perpetual bags under our eyes, and that hard-to-completely-remove less-than-pleasant body odor, it’s a surprise we aren’t all doomed to stay single forever.

And even when you think you’ve stumbled upon the perfect person (we won’t be discussing animals, crash test dummies, or hat racks at this time), something always seems to come up that derails the whole thing including, but not limited to: their moving away to join the circus, their turning out to be a pile of pillows that the light hit just so, and their being your second cousin and this not being 1870s in the old country.

But if you try and try again, and continue to put yourself out there like the human-equivalent-of-a-kite that you are, eventually you will find your tree — I mean love of your life which might just be a tree — to get hopelessly tangled up in so long as you both shall live.