15 Warning Signs To Watch For When Considering Potential Life Partners

Unfortunately, wedded bliss doesn’t last forever (it’s in the fine print). Out of nowhere, seemingly unpredictable things come up that could flat out end things, such as his “what are you, an ape or a bear?” back hair, her uncle who doesn’t understand the definition of ‘privacy’ (seriously, his vocabulary is quite poor,) and one of you developing a serious addiction to pork rinds that threatens to bankrupt the family.

Now some people’s incompatibility is so obvious that it smacks you in the face like a freshly-caught salmon or even a day-old salmon that hasn’t lost any of it’s fish-slapping-to-prove-a-tenuous-point ability, while other people’s incompatibility isn’t.

I can hear you now: “If only there was a way to see into the future!” and “If only there was a way to open this pickle jar!” and “If only someone would write a list of warning signs to be on the watch for when first dating someone!” (Don’t worry, I can’t actually hear you because your music is too loud and your window is closed… a little help?)