4 Psychology Principles That Will Help You Be A Better Lover To Your Significant Other

2. Attachment Styles

Attachment styles mirror our attachment to the primary caregiver in our childhoods. This is why parents can sometimes really mess up a child without even knowing they are doing so.

Those with secure attachment styles have the least amount of problems with adult relationships. They have had warm and assuring parental relationships and feel confident and whole as adults. They also communicate well with partners and are more empathetic towards others’ feelings. But with the other types, it’s not a pretty picture.

Avoidant types portray to the world that they don’t want to commit. They seem distant in general and can run away from relationships when they become more intimate. This is when your partner is standoffish and keeps pushing the engagement each year. If you or your partner had an absent, strict, or distant parent, who didn’t encourage emotional expression, you could lean towards this style.