4 Psychology Principles That Will Help You Be A Better Lover To Your Significant Other

Those of us who are Anxious types tend to want a LOT of external validation to feel secure. Guess from whom they want the most validation: their partners, of course. This behavior may pose challenges for partners because constant reassurance can get tiring very soon. This attachment style is a result of often misattuned and inconsistent parenting.

If one’s childhood is scarred by physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, this leads to the Disorganized attachment style. These individuals behave in extremely inconsistent ways in adult relationships and can be very hard to read.

When people of different attachment styles get into close relationships, the result can be jarring at times. For example, if you are secure and your partner is anxious, their constant requests for affirmation can be too much for you. Although you may be understanding in the beginning, with time, it will get tiring, and you may rebel and convert into the distant type in this relationship.